Getting the Tea on the Southern Tea

*sips tea*
*sips tea*

This image of Kermit the frog sipping Lipton brand tea has become the graphic of many memes where Kermit is saying something “messy” and follows it by “but that’s none of my business.” This weekend I came across an episode of the sketch comedy show “In Living Color” where the Kim Wayans plays Benita Butrell, a woman who tells everyone’s business then says “But I ain’t one to gossip, so you didn’t hear that from me.” It seemed that all weekend long I kept running into representations of gossip. It got me thinking about the event I am speaking at in January that my aunt is throwing. She gave me the opportunity to choose the theme of the event, and I think I have a good idea what would best suit.

The event is going to be a Southern Tea, and two distinct images came to mind when I thought about this: kermit and his messy memes, and an episode of Preachers of L.A. where the ladies had a “Sip and See.” Disclaimer: I don’t watch Preachers of L.A. because I have all types of problems with the people on the show and the “christianity” they claim to portray, but that’s a subject for another day. I was clicking through the channels and saw an episode where one of the women had a tea party to show off her new baby. Needless to say, a lot of drama unfolded. I started thinking about how such a feminine, elegant thing like tea has been made synonymous with gossip and drama, and my subject for the event was born.

I love New Year’s Day. People get all bent out of shape about New Year’s resolutions and how excited everyone is to begin working on goals they’ll forget about in a few months (if not weeks), but to me there’s just something about taking stock in your life and deciding on a course of action moving forward that is powerful. I do much more often than once a year, but I like the thought of everyone else doing it with me. So the fact that I’m speaking at an event in January to women is very humbling. I may be setting the tone for the entire year for some of these women. So what things do I want to leave on their minds? I want to get them out of this mindset that what they say isn’t as important as what they do. I want to admonish and encourage women to take charge of their tongues and harnass the power of their words. I want them to take responsibility for the things that they say and the effects their words have on those around them. And I want to give Kermit and tea parties a little of their dignity back.

I address the tongue in Altered before the Altar, but I wanted to go deeper with it. There were so many scriptures on the tongue that I couldn’t possibly address them all. Not to mention God is still dealing with me about my tongue. It’s a proven fact that women talk more than men. It is imperative for us to learn what God has to say about the tongue and apply it to our lives as Christian women. Our salvation may hang in the balance.

If you can come out to Avon Park, FL in January, I would love to see you. I will release more details as things are finalized. I will also try to make sure that my speech is recorded so that those who weren’t able to attend can see it. I’m intensely studying all of my notes from my studies on the tongue and finding so many principles and gems to share. What interesting things have you learned about the tongue?


Altered before the Altar: Allowing God to Make You Meet to be Met is available on Amazon, Createspace, and at the events I attend in paperback and kindle formats. The Altered before the Altar Devotional Study Guide is also available through Amazon, Createspace and at events. Both deal with digging deeply into the issues that affect Christian women regardless of marital status, including reputation, the tongue, submission, contentment, manipulation, appearance, attitudes towards others in the body of Christ, dealing with temptation, repentence, confession, forgiveness, and more. It makes a great gift for any teenage or young adult women, especially those who desire to be married or are engaged.