The Greatest Part

It’s been a long month! Between the day job, working on my newest project, entering So You Think You Can Write, and coordinating everything for the book release this Saturday, I have been exhausted. There have been a few bumps in the road with the party–my cover model can’t come to the release, and neither can my co-planner :-(–and it’s been difficult for an introvert like me to get into the marketing side of book production.

There have been some days since I published that have been more full of doubt than when I pressed published. There have been days where I have thought, “OK, God, I did what You asked; now what do I do?”  There have been days I haven’t felt the book has gotten anywhere or reached anyone. There have been more than a few days I wondered how I’m going to pull off this book launch, let alone sell books in other ways.

Writing can be such a solitary endeavor that you don’t realize all of the people your hours in your writing closet can effect. If you’re a Christian author like me, you can wonder sometimes if you heard God right when you stepped out and published. Maybe I wanted to do this for myself. Maybe it’s not doing so well because it wasn’t something I was meant to do.

But the greatest thing about God is that God doesn’t leave us to wonder if He is a part of what we are doing. I’ve received the most wonderful confirmations that this is the right thing at the right time, from Bible study discussions and sermons to the overwhelming support from my local congregation.

The part that I’ve enjoyed the most is the reader response. People are really getting something out of the book! They are telling me how they are better understanding concepts or looking at them in a new way. They are expressing how it’s helping them to study God’s word and draw closer to Him. God is getting glory out of this thing! That’s the best part of my day to hear that. I especially love when someone tells me that they needed to hear something in Altered before the Altar. When I was writing, that’s one of the thoughts that kept nudging me on, that someone needed the knowledge I was struggling to share. So it means a lot when people read the book and share that with me.

On Sunday, we had a fellowship with other area churches where I was able to sell my largest one day total of books thus far, many to people I didn’t know previously. I was able to explain what the book was about and snag their interest. I received some interest in having me participate in Ladies’ Days and youth events. People have expressed an interest in me teaching the book as a class. I’m super excited about these opportunities, not just as a means to sell copies, but an opportunity to change the way young women are thinking about love, marriage, God and themselves.

If you are someone who is trying to do what you feel God is leading you to do, and you are acting according to His holy and divine word, stay encouraged. You may not impact the people you set out to impact or be as successful as you thought you would be (especially initially), but God will use what you are doing to draw the right people at the right time to Him. I really wanted to reach young, single, Christian women. I’ve sold the most books to their parents and other married people. I’ve even sold quite a few books to young men who are telling me that they are really learning things they can apply to their lives. There’s no telling who God will reach through you. I’ve learned to go along for the ride and let God do the driving.

Stay encouraged,