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Are You Really Single?

DSCF1542 (2)A few weeks ago, I was listening to a minister out of Miami, Florida giving a Motivational Monday to singles entitled “Single, Saved and Serving.” In his exposition of the subject, he gave definitions for these three terms, many of which I’d heard before. This time, however, his definition of single gave me pause.

In I Corinthians 7, a very familiar passage to Christian singles, Paul is talking about how he would like for us to be free from distractions. The married person, he insists, has to be concerned with pleasing another in a way a single person doesn’t have to be. A single person is able to serve the Lord without distraction.

This caused me to wonder: am I really single?

I’m single in the sense that I’m not married, yes, but do I have a singular focus trained on Christ, free from distractions? I found I couldn’t say that I did. I’m often distracted by things at work I need to do, things around my apartment to take care of, the issues of family and friends, being in a relationship and considering marriage. So many things pull on my attention that sometimes I feel as if I’ve been split into so many pieces to deal with so many things that I’ll never come back together.

Yet this is the time when I’m supposed to be able to FOCUS. I’m supposed to be getting my priorities in order so that when I am married, I will not forget about God. When I do own a house, have children, get involved with various ministries, or rise up the corporate ladder, God will still come first. But some days it fills like I’m losing the battle to keep my attention on the Lord.

I needed to repent. I needed to go before the Lord in prayer and confess that I hadn’t been as single as I should have been, that I hadn’t been as devoted to Him as I should have been. Then I had to sit down with my list of things to do and adjust it until what was really important was at the top. I’m still tweaking things and making adjustments, but I”m trying to make my primary focus that of seeking the Lord and allowing Him to add everything else to me. That means some things have fallen further down the list, and some days I fail to get to them at all (like this blog–sorry). But unlike before, it’s not the soul salvation and sanity securing things anymore.

So, I want you to ask yourself this question, as you are waiting for God to give you more, better, different in your life–Are you truly single? Have you really devoted yourself to pleasing Him? Are you able to handle what you already have with grace and mercy or are you already being pulled and prodded in every direction except the one that leads to Him?

It’s time to get serious about who we’re really living to please. That’s my two cents, anyway. Leave yours in the comments section.