Not Your Average Book on Singleness

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on Altered before the Altar in the 2+ years the book has been published. Women tell me they were caught of guard or not prepared for what they read. They are surprised at the amount of scripture or the tone of the book. But by far the most common thing I hear is the book was right on time and helped deepen their faith and walk with the Lord. That pleases me to no end. It’s exactly what I wanted to do with this book–push women toward Jesus.

In my author’s note, I make it clear marriage isn’t the end goal of Altered before the Altar. The goal is to help young women become spiritually mature and equipped to handle whatever season of life they are about to enter on their Christian journey, to alter their lives in a positive way, and help them realize their worth as well as their responsibilities as Christian women. Yes, Altered before the Altar provides women with the wisdom to become wives, but it also seeks for women to be altered before the spiritual altar as well, to become better wives to Christ.

I am in a number of online groups and hear women bemoaning singles’ conferences and books all the time. All they seem to be focused on, they say, is how to be content single until you get married. They treat singleness like a disease. They set single women aside. I am more than my marital status. You get the idea. Many of these women will lump Altered into the same category of other resources for singles. They expect it to be light on scripture and spiritual refinement and heavy on Steve Harvey-esque, how to get a good Christian man tropes. I would be offended if I didn’t know their frustration so well. It’s the reason I wrote Altered the way I did.

I’ve neglected this space for a long time. The plans I had for it, and Altered before the Altar, were placed on the back burner while I pursued other things. Yet I’ve felt a tug on my heart and a nudge in my spirit to get back to the mission at the heart of Altered before the Altar. I finally have the seed of the sequel to Altered planted in my heart and am tending it patiently as the Lord leads. I’m ready to highlight other single women who are walking in their singleness well. And I’m finally ready to teach single women to live lives Altered before the Altar.

January 16th, 2017, I will start the Altered before the Altar Master Class. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this class. There are two ways to join the class: you can purchase access to the class via my online shop for as low as $5.00 (enter promo code TEAMSERIOUS at checkout for $5.00 off), or you can get in for FREE by sending your name, email, and a picture of you with your copy of Altered before the Altar to

I can’t wait to  spend time with all of you beautiful women of God!



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