ABTA Cover

Little Known Facts About Altered before the Altar

ABTA CoverIn celebration of the Kindle release of Altered before the Altar, I wanted to share with you some little known facts about Altered before the Altar.

  1. The dedication was second to last thing I wrote (aside from the About the Author page at the end of the book). It took me a long time to decide who I wanted to dedicate this book to because there were so many people intimately involved in both the creation of the book and my life. In the end, I decided to dedicate it to the memory of two women who had a large hand in shaping who I am and always supported me no matter what. I also mention others who have passed that were integral to the book in the acknowledgements section.
  2. Altered before the Altar was originally 233 pages and was pared down to 203. Many of the things I took out were personal stories or activities/questions to ask sections that will be available on this site soon.
  3. I conducted the first interview for what became Altered before the Altar in August of 2010. I conducted ten formal interviews and several informal interviews for the book.
  4. The image on the cover is a picture I took at the wedding of my friend Laporsher Williams to her husband Jason in February of 2013. I went to three weddings in the first half of 2013 and had over five hundred images from those weddings.
  5. The hardest chapter for me to write was “Making Yourself ‘Meet'” because I fall short on quite a bit of the things in it.
  6. The first chapter I finished was “Preparation.”
  7. The last chapter I finished was “Digging Deeper.”
  8. I originally had several song lyrics for chapter titles and examples that I changed to avoid copyright infringement, etc I changed three chapter titles and an entire section in one chapter to avoid using song lyrics.
  9. I also removed quotes from two books and one podcasted sermon because I didn’t obtain the permissions in time.
  10. Except for material from a session I led on purity and three blog posts, the material in this book hasn’t been published or taught anywhere else.

And there  you have it, ten little known facts about Altered before the Altar. I’ll be sharing book outtakes, interview excerpts that didn’t make the book, and information on upcoming book release events soon.