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From kneeling in prayer to standing at the altar, and all the steps in between…

Are you a single Christian woman who desires to be married? Tired of bad relationship advice from family, friends, church members, the lady in line at the supermarket and the world’s “relationship gurus”? Why not allow God, the creator of both man and marriage, to transform you into a suitable help for a husband of His choosing?

In Altered before the Altar, learn how to:

  • Stay single, spiritual & satisfied before marriage
  • Maintain your purity and guard your heart
  • Develop the traits a future wife should bring to the table
  • Cultivate true biblical submission
  • Understand God’s role in your relationships
  • Discover the qualities your future husband needs to have
  • Create your “list”
  • Familiarize yourself with a potential mate
  • Recognize red flags
  • Appreciate the role of elders in your relationship
  • And much more

Erica Hearns uses scripture, the advice of married Christians, psychologists, ministers and church elders to teach marriage preparation and mate selection God’s way.

About the Author

Erica D. Hearns holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Central Florida with extensive coursework in Anthropology and African-American studies. Baptized into the Church of Christ in 1998, she has taught women’s and teen classes and workshops on purity, dating, mentorship, and getting serious about who you are in Christ. She resides in Orlando, Florida.

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