An Invitation to an Altered Life…and a Cover Reveal!!!

Discarded book cover idea--picture from a good friend's wedding.
Discarded book cover idea–picture from a good friend’s wedding.

Welcome to Altered before the Altar, the official site for my upcoming book as well as the new home for all of my blogs on love, marriage, and relationships. One thing that I realized in writing this book is that I would never be able to put all that I’ve learned and experienced in the past four years into one book, and I wanted a place where those who read the book could come and continue to discuss the topics and issues introduced. So, here we are. Please excuse my dust while I update this site and get it into tip top shape to better serve everyone.

In the future, expect extras that complement the book such as extended excerpts of interviews, extended lessons and activities, suggestions for further reading, and my blogs on relationship issues that you may have grown to love on my blog, Indigo Moods. As the release date gets closer, I’ll have advanced copies and contests to spice things up. But first…a cover reveal!!

When I began to actively pursue publishing my first book, Altered Before the Altar, I knew two things: 1) I was going to self-publish the book so that I could put into it exactly what I believed God wanted me to say and 2)I was going to make sure my book looked nothing like a self-published book. In many people’s minds, self-publishing still carries a stigma that the book is going to be substandard in quality. People complain that the titles, covers, and writing in self-published works can be sub-par. When I got to the cover stage, I knew I had a well written book with a great title. I wanted a cover that showcased the theme of the book and looked professional. It took me a while to decide on a cover artist. I wanted to use someone who had covered books that were successful. After looking at several self-published books and their covers, I stumbled upon a beautiful cover by Karolyne Roberts on Instagram. I loved the cover I saw, so I went browsing through her portfolio. Her work had a certain romantic quality that I loved. When I emailed her, she was professional and quick to respond.

Once I was able to effectively communicate my vision, she was able to translate that into a cover I am proud and excited to reveal. Here is the cover for my forthcoming book in all its glory. Without further ado, Altered before the Altar. 

Ta Da! The cover for my new book, Altered before the Altar
Ta Da! The cover for my new book, Altered before the Altar

If anyone is in need of a graphic designer, please take a look at Karolyne’s portfolio; she is super easy to work with and talented, and she has a heart for supporting Christian products and ministries. Special thanks to my good friend, Laporsher Williams and her husband, Jason for allowing me to use a photo from their wedding as the cover art for the book and Jada Prather who designed the logo to my website and publishing press, which can be seen on the back cover. He’s another incredibly talented artist that I got to meet on this winding journey. His work blows me away.

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments, or shoot me an email at Feel free to send me an email if you have a topic you want me to address on the blog or would like to be added to my forthcoming mailing list.


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